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Date Type Time Location
2010-03-2211:11:35EMS assist, Ambul on scene1500 W 22ND ST
2010-03-2215:30:51Good intent call, other825 N WEBER AVE
2010-03-2215:21:57EMS, FF injury/sleep/intoxicat/4303 W VALHALLA BLVD
2010-03-2213:07:23EMS, No patient contact1600 N NORTH DR
2010-03-2211:53:51EMS assist, Ambul on scene5600 W 45TH ST
2010-03-2211:45:53EMS, vehicle accident with injuW 8TH ST / N DULUTH AVE
2010-03-2209:54:14EMS, FF injury/sleep/intoxicat/910 E 20TH ST
2010-03-2207:59:28EMS assist, Ambul on scene921 E AMIDON ST
2010-03-2205:01:18EMS assist, Ambul on scene2400 S WEST AVE
2010-03-2202:16:58EMS assist, Ambul on scene111 E 14TH ST
2010-03-2223:01:13EMS assist, Ambul on scene932 S BLAINE AVE
2010-03-2216:26:41EMS, No patient contact5620 W MANDY CT
2010-03-2216:44:02Alarm malicious, pulled4600 S BAHA AVE
2010-03-2222:23:42Mobile vehicle fire1509 W 12TH ST
2010-03-2221:58:23EMS assist, Ambul on scene705 N LEWIS AVE
2010-03-2221:27:39EMS assist, Ambul on scene701 S LYONS AVE
2010-03-2220:38:14EMS assist, Ambul on scene3408 W RALPH ROGERS RD
2010-03-2218:39:10Dispatched & cancelled en route308 S SUMMIT AVE
2010-03-2217:21:00EMS assist, Ambul on scene1600 N NORTH DR
2010-03-2218:02:41Assist invalid, ,lift assist4413 S RIVER OAKS CIR
2010-03-2217:52:17EMS assist, Ambul on scene1000 E 14TH ST
2010-03-2217:49:42EMS assist, Ambul on scene500 E 12TH ST
2010-03-2217:43:54EMS assist, Ambul on scene4001 W 41ST ST
2010-03-2113:43:28EMS, No patient contact206 N PRIVET PL
2010-03-2113:34:42EMS, FF injury/sleep/intoxicat/3900 S CATHY AVE
2010-03-2113:00:46EMS, FF injury/sleep/intoxicat/4204 W 41ST ST
2010-03-2111:28:29Alarm smoke det uninten1209 N HOMESTEAD CIR
2010-03-2110:49:33EMS, No patient contact4515 E 3RD ST
2010-03-2105:00:42EMS assist, Ambul on scene500 N MINNESOTA AVE
2010-03-2107:58:44EMS, FF injury/sleep/intoxicat/3109 W 90TH ST
2010-03-2107:14:04EMS assist, Ambul on scene1223 W 12TH ST
2010-03-2113:58:09EMS assist, Ambul on scene4915 N NORTHVIEW AVE
2010-03-2117:26:26EMS, No patient contact2709 E BRAGSTAD DR
2010-03-2108:34:32Antifreeze/Chemical spill/ leak,3600 E DUDLEY LN
2010-03-2122:08:58Dispatched & cancelled en route2709 E BRAGSTAD DR
2010-03-2121:32:57EMS assist, Ambul on scene820 W 18TH ST
2010-03-2120:54:21Alarm sounded malfunc2500 E 52ND ST N
2010-03-2120:34:30Alarm sounded malfunc1900 W 6TH ST
2010-03-2119:53:23EMS, FF injury/sleep/intoxicat/206 N PRIVET PL
2010-03-2119:46:42Water or steam leak4700 S BAHA AVE
2010-03-2119:04:59EMS assist, Ambul on scene808 E 6TH ST
2010-03-2118:31:38EMS assist, Ambul on scene1101 N COVELL AVE
2010-03-2010:05:32Mobile vehicle fire2700 W 41ST ST
2010-03-2010:12:44Special type of incident, other1100 E BENSON RD
2010-03-2010:36:09Structure fire728 N MONTGOMERY CT
2010-03-2010:56:42EMS, FF injury/sleep/intoxicat/2505 S GRANGE AVE
2010-03-2011:13:42Good intent call, other619 S MAIN AVE
2010-03-2010:03:09Alarm activation unintentional300 S CLEVELAND AVE
2010-03-2010:01:30EMS assist, Ambul on scene4001 S MARION RD
2010-03-2009:54:50Special type of incident, other1100 E BENSON RD
2010-03-2008:33:59Structure fire3821 N GALAXY LN
2010-03-2004:10:26EMS, FF injury/sleep/intoxicat/600 S MINNESOTA AVE
2010-03-2004:08:57EMS, No patient contact3930 S WEST AVE
2010-03-2003:09:25EMS, No patient contact3115 N CYPRESS PL
2010-03-2013:56:11Alarm sounded malfunc1321 W DOW RUMMEL ST
2010-03-2014:48:42EMS assist, Ambul on scene429 S HAWTHORNE AVE
2010-03-2022:45:26HazMat release investigation w/nW 14TH ST / S SPRING AVE
2010-03-2022:00:18Smoke scare, odor of smoke4100 S LOUISE AVE
2010-03-2021:57:42EMS, No patient contact4600 E 26TH ST
2010-03-2021:51:38Structure fire3201 S LOUISE AVE
2010-03-2021:51:38Outside equipment fire3201 S LOUISE AVE
2010-03-2020:58:26EMS assist, Ambul on scene2401 W RUSSELL ST
2010-03-2019:10:13EMS assist, Ambul on scene500 N MINNESOTA AVE
2010-03-2015:58:49EMS, No patient contact3901 S MARION RD
2010-03-2016:26:14EMS, vehicle accident with inju613 S SYCAMORE AVE
2010-03-2017:23:35Antifreeze/Chemical spill/ leak,W RUSSELL ST / N WEST AVE
2010-03-2017:48:14EMS, No patient contact2620 S LOUISE AVE
2010-03-2018:30:09EMS assist, Ambul on scene3900 S CATHY AVE
2010-03-1916:04:14Steam, vapor, fog or dust though600 W 41ST ST
2010-03-1917:33:57Alarm activation unintentional320 S 3RD AVE
2010-03-1917:51:12Antifreeze/Chemical spill/ leak,W 10TH ST / S MINNESOTA AVE
2010-03-1919:33:22EMS, FF injury/sleep/intoxicat/100 S MINNESOTA AVE
2010-03-1920:35:02Smoke scare, odor of smoke3600 E 6TH ST
2010-03-1921:35:58Special type of incident, other600 S CONKLIN AVE
2010-03-1921:43:57Antifreeze/Chemical spill/ leak,600 S CONKLIN AVE
2010-03-1921:58:51EMS assist, Ambul on scene319 N FAIRFAX AVE
2010-03-1922:59:53Alarm activation unintentional2401 W MADISON ST
2010-03-1923:55:46EMS assist, Ambul on scene2401 W RUSSELL ST
2010-03-1915:57:17EMS, No patient contact811 E 10TH ST
2010-03-1914:30:50EMS, FF injury/sleep/intoxicat/3101 S PRAIRIE AVE
2010-03-1913:47:32EMS assist, Ambul on scene500 N MINNESOTA AVE
2010-03-1900:48:02Dispatched & cancelled en route2501 W 26TH ST
2010-03-1904:31:46EMS assist, Ambul on scene5100 W 39TH ST
2010-03-1907:11:04EMS assist, Ambul on scene901 N DULUTH AVE
2010-03-1908:55:52Alarm malicious, pulled2211 W 50TH ST
2010-03-1909:05:44EMS assist, Ambul on scene424 W 17TH ST
2010-03-1910:13:01EMS, FF injury/sleep/intoxicat/W 16TH ST / S MINNESOTA AVE
2010-03-1911:13:08EMS assist, Ambul on scene4509 S TENNIS LN
2010-03-1912:17:50EMS, FF injury/sleep/intoxicat/300 N HOLLY AVE
2010-03-1913:40:28EMS assist, Ambul on scene111 N CLEVELAND AVE
2010-03-1913:44:42EMS assist, Ambul on scene4001 S MARION RD
2010-03-1811:31:17EMS assist, Ambul on scene1309 E SAGE PL
2010-03-1811:12:16EMS assist, Ambul on scene1901 S HOLLY AVE
2010-03-1810:51:56EMS assist, Ambul on scene604 N WEST AVE
2010-03-1807:47:54Antifreeze/Chemical spill/ leak,1508 N MABLE AVE
2010-03-1805:07:47Alarm malicious, pulled1400 N WEBER AVE
2010-03-1802:20:56EMS, No patient contact4204 W 41ST ST
2010-03-1800:41:53Water & ice-related rescue, othe267TH ST / 467TH AVE
2010-03-1812:02:50EMS, FF injury/sleep/intoxicat/W 12TH ST / S PHILLIPS AVE
2010-03-1813:41:22EMS, FF injury/sleep/intoxicat/302 N SPRING AVE